Well here is my Shark Tank bid, now you can stop telling me to do it - lol

Sundance Carmen sundancecarmen@gmail.com

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Hello my name is Carmen Kelp, I'm 57 years old, all natural, nontoxic skin care creator.  My products include face masks, toners, scrubs, serum, deodorant, tooth polish and more - all made with simple botanical ingredients such as Manuka honey, shea butter, essential oils, coconut oil etc and no preservative or chemicals.  I formulate these products without water, therefore I don't need to add preservatives - yet the shelf life is easily 18 months to 2 years. These products sell retail, wholesale and on the internet. 
I have had some success and people really love them once they try them.  I need help taking my business to the next level and reaching a much larger audience. 
Attached is a recent picture of me, people have a hard time believing my age because my skin is so nice.

All the best,
Carmen Kelp,
Sundance Cosmetics

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