How it all began

Carmen began making skin care products in 2012 after researching the typical skincare products available for purchase and discovering that they are watered down and fluffed up with chemicals and preservatives all designed to benefit the manufacturer's bottom line and not your skin!  She decided she could do a much better job crafting her own products and leaving out the water, fillers, chemicals and preservatives.

Sundance Cosmetics was born in June 2013 in Carmen's hometown of Nashville, Indiana. Carmen was pleasantly surprised when her Midwest customers really went for the products! She knew she was on to something good. The product line included the wildly popular Honey Butter Face Mask and Face Scrub, Body Butter and Body Scrub along with bars of soap - all made with simple, quality and natural ingredients and skipping the chemicals.

A large focus of Carmen's work is also providing education and awareness of the truth about toxicity in commercially prepared skin care products and how that causes premature aging and skin damage.

Sundance Cosmetics products are truly the most natural, organic products on the market, using ethically grown and harvested raw materials with absolutely no preservatives. Carmen believes that true beauty lies within us and that it has to do with our physical, emotional, and spiritual being. Carmen is dedicated to studying and incorporating the most effective natural and nontoxic practices into her skin care products.

In January 2014 Carmen returned to her beloved state of Florida and began spreading the word about the health benefits of using toxic free skincare products and further refining her product line. She upgraded the packaging, labels and improved on the formulations: incorporating oils and butters that provide antioxidants and sun protection with natural, organic ingredients and always free of man-made chemicals. 

Today many of Sundance Cosmetics products incorporates a new super ingredient; Hemp Extract to provide your body with vital anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and neuro-protecting cannabidiol for beauty that shines from the inside out.



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