Specific Skin Benefits of Manuka Honey Face Mask

Manuka honey is considered an "active" honey. All honey has hydrogen peroxide in it, which is created by enzymes that bees manufacture along with the sugars to turn into honey; all honey also contains methylglyoxyl, a bactericidal compound, but in very low concentrations. The magic of manuka honey is that the bees pass on the additional antifungal and antibiotic properties of the tea tree creating more 'active' hydrogen peroxide and methylglyoxyl. This makes manuka honey a MRSA fighter, and acne cure.  

Manuka honey offers antibacterial benefits superior to other honeys, it continuously produces hydrogen peroxide when in contact with a wound and produces just enough hydrogen peroxide to keep wounds clean without damaging skin cells.  Acne skin, especially, benefits from the antiseptic properties inherent in manuka honey masks. This honey can relieve the infection in acne and blackheads. 

Manuka honey offers anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce scarring. Infection in blackheads and whiteheads often results from tearing in the wall of the follicle where the infection occurs.

Free radicals have been linked to visible signs of aging. These highly unstable molecules can damage cells, Manuka honey has been shown to offer antioxidant properties that bind up and neutralize free radicals.

Our Face Maskwith Manuka honey can moisturize skin as honey creates a watertight film that permits skin to rehydrate itself therby plumping up wrinkles and keeps your skin glowing and youthful.

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