Brand Reps wanted

We're looking to build a team of Brand Reps for our all natural skincare products and botanical extracts.  If you love our products and have an Instagram account with a lot of followers - you could be our Brand Rep.  

Brand Reps get perks (free stuff) and discounts for helping us get the word out about our Sundance Cosmetics brand so send us your lifestyle pictures of how Sundance Cosmetics is improving your skin, health and well being. And get ready for the rewards to flow.  

The first step is to sign up to get on the list, and get $5 gift card to use on your favorite product.  The details of the Brand Rep program will be sent to you soon, so thanks for your enthusiasim and lets get the word out about natural skincare with real healing.


  • Hi my name is Sean Holly. My grandmother died of skin cancer, her treatment consisted of chemotherapy. While I was too young too understand, my dad has recently told me multiple times of how disappointed he is to see the cannabis industry finally coming into fruition now, for my grandmother used to beg him for pot to help with the pain of chemo-therapy. I understand the complexities of the cannabis plant and the difference between the CBD and THC. I want to be in the industry to help, not to abuse a beautiful plant.

    Sean Holly
  • I would love to be a brand rep!

    Laura Tingley
  • I Would love to rep your products.

    Kaila Turck
  • My instagram is maya.cirillo and I would absolutely love to rep for you. Having clear skin is very important to me and I’d love to rep your company

  • Hello! I would love the opportunity to be a Brand Ambassador for your company and promote your brand. I love the products that you have displayed and will definitely work to get the word out there! ?

    Rukiya Dixon

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