Hemp Extract is legal

Fortunately, the new DEA ruling applies to marijuana cannbioids, not hemp derived cannabinoids. Furthermore, the DEA does not have the authority to carry out a formal scheduling necessary to add anything to the Controlled Substances Act or even create laws, they only enforce laws. It would take an act of Congress to schedule non-psychoactive hemp, so we can relax because our hemp is grown pursuant to The 2014 Farm Bill which exempted from the CSA “all parts of the plant” with under .3% THC concentration. This means CBD, CBG, CBN, terpenes, flavonoids, and all the other molecules in cannabis flowers are federally legal to extract and sell if done pursuant to the 2014 Farm Bill. Hemp Extract is legal federally, and can be purchased/shipped across state lines.

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  • Omg I porches this because I was having panic ataques 2 per day end on the first time I tried it I haven’t had 1 panic ataque ?? end I’m more relaxed I love this product thank you sun dance


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