How Does Hemp Extract Work?

Scientists have discovered that there are receptors in the human body that are exclusively for receiving cannabinoids.They realized that if our body has cannabinoid receptors; there must also be endogenous (made within your body) cannabinoids aka endocannabinoids within our body. They figured out that plants like cannabis can greatly supplement our endocannabinoid system's healing ability and induce chemical, neurological and physical homeostasis.  In fact, hemp extract has been shown to help lower cortisol and better control blood sugar, decrease anxiety and stress as well as reduce chronic inflammation issues (think joint pain, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetic nerve pain, etc).

The hemp used to make our oil is extracted from sustainably raised, organic hemp containing all of the natural  terpenoids, and other compounds of the whole plant. This full spectrum oil then is strictly tested for purity and potency and has zero pesticides or heavy metals.

Methods of consumption include vaping the Hemp Extract Drops I mix it 50/50 with organic e-juice in my e-pen Atmos PIQ Kit and the affects are pretty immediate.  If vaping is not your thing, then simply place the drops under your tongue and hold there for 1-2 minutes; the affects are felt in about 30-60 minutes and last for 6-8 hours, usually enough to help you get a good nights sleep.

Topical application is good for localized issues and I rub the Hemp Cream or the Hemp Body Oil 

on and this relieves any nagging pain that may persist.

Finally, the On the Spot Treatment is great for on the go relief with the added benefit of aromatherapy and is antiseptic from essential oils. 

You might want to save 10 percent and get the Hemp Complete Collection and have all your bases covered.




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