How much Sundance Hemp Extract CBD should I take?

We receive such positive feedback from so many repeat customers who are happy to have found a hemp cbd product that works for them.  If you are new to Hemp CBD Drops here is a guide to help you get started so that you can begin experiencing the benefits of legal hemp cbd and feel better.

Because every person's metabolic process is unique, we suggest you start low and gradually increase your dosage until you find the level the provides relief for you.

Having said that, most people start with 25mg (15 drops) for a few days to see if they notice the effects.  If so, congratulations!  You've found something that works for your condition and avoided the pharmaceutical trap.  When taken like this once per day, a one ounce bottle would last 60 days.

If your sensitive to medications, or find that its too strong, reduce the serving by half and see if that works better. Also, try to start you regime at a time where you are in the comfort of your own home so that you can fully evaluate the effects that Sundance hemp extract has on you. 

After you've found your perfect serving, try breaking it up into two serving per day so that you have an even amount in your system through out the day.  Alternatively, some folks like to take the full amount at bedtime because it helps the to get a good nights sleep. 

Bottom line there is no right or wrong way to take the Hemp Drops, it all a matter of finding what works for you.



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