Sundance and Marc Pro collaborate for Drug Free Pain Relief


Pain relief drugs sold over the counter often give us a false sense of security. Whether they are easy to obtain or not, they are indeed drugs and come with a host of complications and potential side effects especially if used on a regular basis. Marc Pro Plus offers potent pain relief without the possibility of systemic side effects.


We are well aware that there are many options for pain relief out there; many of which are less costly than the Marc Pro Plus. We certainly agree with trying the cheapest options first, but make no mistake our goal is to provide relief when those other things have failed. Whether it's another electrical stimulation device or any pain treatment that may have failed in the past, we encourage you to put Marc Pro Plus to the test. We're confident you'll be thrilled with the results and if not we stand behind our money-back guarantee.

Carmen's testimonial:

If you have inflammation in your tissues you have pain and a degenerative state of health. This little machine will 'pump' the congestive waste from your muscles and tissues while replenishing with fresh oxygenated, nutrient balanced blood which will return you to health.  No other device you may of heard of works like this muscle stimulating device does.  By creating a non-fatiguing 'pumping' motion in your muscles, it increases circulation by nearly 250 percent. This increased circulation squishes out old congested blood, inflammation and toxins from your tissues and carries it away via your lymphatic system. By removal of the congestion built up in your tissues Marc Pro accelerates healing 40-60 percent, helps reverse systemic diseases such as fibromyalgia and arthritis and pain is alleviated for long periods of time.  It allows you to get your life back and enables you to do the activities that you love once again. You can save 5% by entering discount code 'SUNPRO' on the Marc Pro website. This is what I personally use to treat my fibro and RA.  I have experience helping many people regain their health and mobility with this device.  Believe me, it works.

Now, get 12 months interest free financing and a money back guarantee. You have nothing to loose except the pain and lethargy of your old self. I promise you will love it!

So go on over to the Marc Pro website to use 'SUNPRO' discount code to purchase the device and save 5%.

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