Brand Rep Photos

Every three months Sundance goes on a hunt to find new Brand Reps to send us lifestyle photos of how they are using/enjoying/loving our products.

If you love taking photos  and you wouldn't mind earning some free products for sharing your images with us read on...

In exchange for posting your quality lifestyle pics of how you are benefiting from using our products; you will recieve 40% discount on on up to 6 purchased products, and one free product of our choosing for 3 months. Enthusiasts will recieve a 40% discount on up to 3 products of our choosing for 3 months. We ask that our Brand Reps and Enthsiasts help promote our products, giveaways, promotions etc and tag us in pictures.  By entering you are consenting to us using your photos across all of our social media accounts (website ,Facbook, Twitter, Instagram etc) for advertising purposes.


Accounts must be PUBLIC, until Reps are announced so that we can see your entries. We wont be able to see  your photos other wise.  If you dont want to make your account Public, ask us to follow you so we can see your photos.

You must have over 500 instagram followers to be an Brand Rep, there is no minimum followers for an Enthusiast however.

This search is open to USA and Canada only.

Please only enter this search if you are willing to accept the Brand Rep or Enthusiast position.

Steps to Enter:

Follow us on Instagram,

1. Click the link in our Bio, to sign up for our Brand Rep Search.  You will recieve a $5 gift card just so doing so.

2. Repost this picture and tag @sundancecosmetics and #sundancecosmeticsbrandrep

3. Also tag at least 2 friends that would be interested and comment below how you think you'd be a great Brand Rep for Sundance Cosmetics.

4. Tag up to 3 photos of your best 'Sundance lifestyle' photo with #sundancecosmeticsbrandrep

Sign up to be notified when the search is on and we will send you a $5 gift card just for checking in with us!